How to Get a Digital Marketing Job in 2019 ?

Getting paid to sit in an air-conditioned office, working on a laptop while being able to browse facebook all day.

Sounds cool for a job, right?

Well, this might be the cool cliche for marketing jobs or startups, but it holds a lot of truth. A large part of digital marketing does involve spending time on social media. You’ll either be running paid ads or posting content on pages of the company or so on.

Combining this with all the new information you learn, digital marketing is a popular career path.

It’s quite a new industry, but a rapidly growing one and has tons and tons of jobs that require creative and analytical skills. If you’re someone who relates to such words, it’s an excellent idea to get a digital marketing job.

The best thing (or worst thing for some) is that digital marketing has no paved path entry. There is no certain pathway that can lead you a job in marketing. There are degrees that can help, but you don’t essentially require a degree to have a digital marketing job.

When we talk about jobs like teacher, doctor or maybe even an uber driver, there is a path paved that you can use to get that job. But there is no such path for digital marketing.

Which Degrees can help in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a vast field with tons and tons of work that needs to be done on daily basis. The list of which includes ( but is not limited to): pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and blogging, analyzing reports, making proper strategies etc.

These tasks not only differ from each other but also require a different level of skills. A marketer usually can handle all of these things but specializes in one key area.

Thereby, any degree which gives you one specific skill can help you get a job in that specific skill. People who have Journalism or English literature degree can go for content writing, people who have learned Web Design can go for either web-design, SEO or similar fields.

There are other degrees like PR and communication, Business Studies, Computer Science, Psychology, Management & Advertising that might help as well.

How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing

Step 1. Skills

If you have no expertise what so ever in digital marketing, it’s going to be a hard time getting a job in digital marketing. As hard as it is for a turtle to cross a highway, while it is carrying another turtle on its top and has no food.

My point is

It’s gonna be almost impossible.

Thereby, start learning digital marketing with whatever resources you have right now (there are plenty).

Always remember, even if you master a skill or two, don’t hop back expecting companies to contact you for job proposals. No companies or startups know that you are an expert, i.e you have to spread the word out.

2. Get your hands on advertising: It might take some time ( and money ) to get your hands on Google AdWords.

But everything you learn about advertising in a plus. You can learn Adwords or Facebook by promoting your family members or someone you know business promotion. Google also gifts certifications for learning Google Adwords (duh, why wouldn’t they ?).

Learn from youtube tutorials combined with real practice to make it worthwhile skill.

3. Learning never stops.

Digital marketing and teaching are different in many ways. In teaching, you learn some books and get a job. Once you’re in you don’t need a lot of updates. In Digital Marketing, you get it, and you will be thrown out instantly if you don’t keep learning.

In digital marketing, things, algorithm, platforms change every day. What works today, will be floppy tomorrow.

If you wish to be a successful marketer, you have to keep in touch with changes as they happen.

4. Work as an intern or low paying positions.

I am sorry, here is a totally unrelated video of Drake’s Song’s Song Started from Bottom.

Instead of focusing on getting high salary jobs, focus on mid-level to intern positions. By working for these people, you’ll :

  • Add points to your resume, as well as a recommendation ( assuming that you do your job well )
  • Work with high paying clients
  • Improve your connections

What Extra-Skills do you need?

Digital Marketing is a vast field which requires critical, creative thinking and rock-solid execution. You have to be creative and commercially at the same time. Some key skills which can help you are :

  • Average or Good Writing Skills
  • Good communication skills.
  • Numerical and Analytical abilities
  • Buyer Psychology & Consumer behavior awareness
  • Blogging platform basic knowledge
  • Somewhat Graphic design abilities
  • Development/Design Basic knowledge

General Job-Seeker Tips

Once you’ve become capable of email bragging your skills, you need to improve online presence and start hunting. ( Yes, this is the part you get a shotgun on your shoulder and get out )


1. Your Email Address :

Potential clients or recruiters are going to judge you based on your email address ( I am sorry, people judge, I can’t help ). Create a new email address with your first and last name, and make it free of inappropriate references in an email. You should also avoid using any numbers.

2. Social Media profiles :

Linkedin should be your priority here. Try to get as many recommendations possible, and complete your profile.

If you are a fresher and have no experience, try mentioning volunteer work or community work. Add all the academic connections that you’ve made. If you’ve done any marketing or writing work, mention it in your portfolio.

3. Start applying for jobs.

Apply for jobs, even if you don’t think you’re a 100% fit.

There are tons of entry-level marketing jobs. You can look for jobs on portals like indeed and some other top ones in your country.

Make sure that your resumes in on these portals and can be easily found by potential recruiters. But keep an eye on spam or multi-level marketing schemes.

4. Don’t Stop networking :

You must have heard that old adage “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know” ( I said this, don’t look it up, believe me). In this case, it holds its position firmly. If your friends or family who have marketing jobs, ask them to introduce you to someone.

Visit as many community meetups or marketing conferences as you can. The more people you meet, the more you’ll spread your name out.

5. Learn companies that you want :

Just by visiting a company’s official site won’t give you everything. Learn about their products, services, social media pages, and more to get a hint of culture inside.

To-Don’ts :

Try to fake: You know what, don’t do that anywhere. But, don’t fake in a job interview. Don’t tell the HR that you are passionate about this position when you’re not. Don’t try to fill your resume with fake education, expertise or skills which you don’t possess.

Send a generic resume which looks exactly like every other resume.

Quit: I am not saying do it every day, but check your recruiters every Sunday if you don’t hear back from them. Recruiters will know you’re quite interested in the position.

Why Trust our advice?

BSIT MEDIA is a digital marketing firm. If there’s anyone who should be talking about how to get a digital marketing job, it should be, a marketing company.


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