Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

If you are anywhere near me, you must own multiple blogs. At BSIT, we handle not only our own blogs, but also the ones of our clients. With so much always on the table, it’s hard to run from deadline to deadline trying to publish on schedule. Sometimes, schedule gets messy. Either due to procastination, or due to too much work to be done.

To be productive, extensions, or some specific applications can be great help.

Hey !

Not talking about watching how to be productive on youtube, close that !

So, I was talking about google chrome extensions for increased productivity. Google chrome has tons and tons of functions, thanks to extensions that it has. In this article I’ve curated the list of 10 best chrome extensions for bloggers.

9. Awesome Screenshot

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When it comes to snipping parts of a web page, awesome screenshot can easily score to be among the best google chrome plugins.

The extension is free of charge and extremely easy to use.

The extension also provides a bunch of options when you’re taking a screenshot.

You can either capture a full page, visible area, whole screen or select the area that you want to screenshot.

The simplicity and easy of use makes this extensions a great resource for people who write how-to or similar tutorials. It also lets you annotate your screenshots to make them more professional when you use them in your blog posts.

8. StayFocusd

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It’s always been easy to procrastinate compared to sit up and work. After the boom of facebook and youtube, time wasting has got extremely easy.

I mean, all you have to do is start by watching one youtube video or one article on facebook newsfeed and you’ll get content for the rest of the day.

Now, as much as I love procrastinating, I think we can all agree that youtube and facebook won’t grow our blogs.

If you wish to grow your blog to hopefully an authority blog, you should be spending more time on your blog as compared to websites like facebook.

The extension helps you work more by restricting the amount of time that you spend on site like facebook and youtube.

It is fairly simple to use as well. All you have to do is add websites where you spend time like twitter, facebook and youtube. After updating this list, you set daily limit of time that you can use on these websites, once the limit has been specified, the extension blocks you to access them once the time is up. You’ll be able to visit these websites the next day once the time limit has been passed.

7. Grammarly

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When writing a blog, you want to find your grammar errors and typos in proofreading stage only. Or you can publish without proofreading and get tons of comments by grammar nazis trying to correct your english.

Or even worst, how embarrassing it is to make a mistake in a professional email with a possible sponsor or client.

During these times, grammarly comes extremely handy. Not only when you’re writing blog posts, but also when posting on social media or sending emails.

Even the finest writers make mistakes. Now, I know grammarly, being an AI, can’t find all of your mistakes, but it is more accurate than word autocorrect or similar tools.

If you’re not very strong in english, and want to avoid embarrassement or look non-professional, this is the extension that you should give a shot to.

6. Evernote Web Clipper

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This one is another awesome chrome extension that lets you “clip” things that you see on the internet. Let it be infographics, images, or articles, anything ( not porn though ) in your evernote notebooks.

As a ghostwriter, it comes very handy when I am doing content research and want to keep saving sources or inspiration as soon as it strikes. All this research material is then available on all your devices.

5. Link Miner

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If you’ve done link building for your blog, you’d know it’s a pain to find broken links on a per page basis.

This is exactly where the extension jumps in. It’s a free, and easy to use extension to find broken links.

The one thing I love about its tool is the extreme minimalsitic approach. All you have to do, is click on the extension and it will mark broken links if there are any, on that page, the extension will mark them.

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They are marked by making the background red, so they’re instantly visible.

Since I already do broken link building, I find this tool to be extremely helpful. The tool also shows some basic results from google to help you better judge the link.

4. Search Google with this image

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Depending on how you produce content, this plugin can be either a lot helpful or simply helpful. In image research, this can be argueably one of the Best google chrome plugins for bloggers. It helps you performe the google reverse image search for any image in a single click.

Depending upon your research, you can make more or less use of this extension. Search Google with this image lets you perform Google image search with a single click.

Once you have this extension activated, you can search for any web image directly from that page itself.

3. Google Publisher Toolbar

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If you’re using google adsense as a revenue stream for your blog, you ought to love this extension.

This comes straight from Google which means you can trust it without doubting. It helps you get a quick view information about how ads are performing on your website and sort of gives you a sneap peak of your account right on your own website.

If you use Google Adsense to monetize your blog, you will love this awesome extension.

The toolbar adds a pretty basic display that tells you things like advertiser’s name, the ad size and the display URL.

You can also block ads directly from the webpage.

Did you see an that you don’t like on your website ?

Straight off block it !

2. Save To Pocket

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If you’re researching for a guide or for an article, it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed by the number of sources or research links.

Since I produce tremeous amounts of content all the time, all the day, this happes a lot t me and this is why I love this extension.

With this extension, all the links are saved in your pocket account which you can read later on. The content is synced on smartphone and desktop devices you can read them across all devices.

It makes the research process extremely simple by saving resource links and organizing them in better way.

1. Buffer

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There is no chance that you are blogger and haven’t heard about this social media sharing tool.

It’s a freemium social media management tool.

Buffer makes it really easy to share posts across all social media profiles which saves a lot of time in long run.

You can schedule and post on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Once you install it as an extension in your browser you can easily schedule your social media posts easily with click of a button.


I hope these extensions make your blogging life productive as well as save time.

With more time in your hand, you will be able to do more work and grow more.


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